Michigan Transfer Agreement Courses

27 Sep Michigan Transfer Agreement Courses

Courses taught before the autumn semester 1993 do not automatically meet the MTA requirement. If you have taken courses during this period, the courses may meet the MTA requirements. If you wish to replace the MTA requirements, complete the MTA Course Replacement Form and submit it. Courses given before the autumn of 1993 do not automatically meet the requirements of general culture. If you have taken courses during this period, the courses may meet your general education requirements. Contact the department that oversees your declared major. Visit the Michigan Transfer Network website to plan your transfer and determine how your LCC credits will be transferred to other Michigan colleges and universities. You can also learn more about the transfer options and plan your way to the conclusion. The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) allows students to take general education courses at participating colleges and universities in Michigan. Students can take the MTA as a member of an associate degree or as a standalone package at Michigan institutions. The intention is that the 30 credits of the core university courses most likely meet all of the student`s general education requirements at the host institution, although students should always discuss transfer options with a counselor, as the requirements may vary depending on the school.

Below we describe the MTA courses by sending institution. These courses were evaluated to meet the distribution needs of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA). Other schools and higher education institutions have different requirements with regard to the transmission of MTA course points and different requirements with regard to the courses required for admission. Please read our requirements and deadlines (add a link). Your Community College will provide detailed information, including authorized courses, for the completion of the MTA. We advise you to review our transfer plans and consult with your Community University Advisor on meeting the MTA requirements and ask your Community College to verify your registration in order to add the MTA confirmation to your transcript. Additional courses in each of the above categories to complete the minimum of 30 credits. A minimum score of 2.0 is required for each course.

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