Nafta Agreement For Professionals

28 Sep Nafta Agreement For Professionals

Professionals are allowed to request extensions of up to three years without limiting the number of renewals. When it comes to leasing agreements, it must be the initial cross-border transaction that must have involved a sale. The lease agreement between the Canadian buyer and an end user is covered as long as the device remains the property of the original purchaser and the sales, warranty or service agreement is still in effect. Installers, repair and maintenance agents and superiors who have expertise indispensable to a seller`s contractual engagement, provide services or workers to provide services under a warranty contract or other service contracts related to the sale of industrial or industrial equipment or machinery, including computer software provided by a company outside Canada during the warranty term – where the service contract has been acquired, forming. The provision only applies to NAFTA contractors subject to a work permit: professionals, intra-company transfers, traders and investors. The following occupations are considered NAFTA occupations. Professionals in this category who meet the additional requirements for NAFTA professionals may be eligible for the LMIA exemption to work in Canada. .

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