Ssa 218 Agreement

08 Oct Ssa 218 Agreement

(k) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (d), the agreement entered into pursuant to this section with the State of Utah may be amended pursuant to subsection (c) (4) to apply to services provided for any of the following services, with personnel providing services for each of them constituting a separate coverage group: Weber Junior College, Carbon Junior College; Dixie Junior College, Central Utah Vocational School, Salt Lake Area Vocational School, Center for the Adult Blind, Union High School (Roosevelt, Utah), Utah High School Activities Association, State Industrial School, State Training School, State Training School, State Board of Education and Utah School Employees Retirement Board. Any change made before the 1st With regard to the services provided by the staff as a member of one of these coverage groups, it may take effect after a date indicated therein, with the exception that such a date may in no case be before 31 December 1950. The coverage provided for in this subsection shall not be affected by a subsequent change in the name of a group. . . .

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