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1. You Can Be Bored At Home… Church Should Be Fun

Too often church is boring. We believe that church should be a fun and exciting worship experience that you can’t wait to get to; an experience that you’ll want to share with others!

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2. We Love You To Life

We love you where you are… and where you’re going. We believe in sharing the love of Christ with everyone we meet; through the words we speak and the way we live.

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3. We Will Fight For You

To reach people nobody is reaching you have to do what no one else is doing. We believe in doing whatever it takes to meet people where they are and introduce them to Jesus.

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4. We Are Givers

We don’t give just because the bible tells us to – we give because it’s in our hearts. We believe in the giving of our tithes and offering as it is used to bless the ministry and our community.

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5. You Can Have Your Cake… and Eat It Too

Faith is not just believing God to provide but believing Him to provide more than enough. We believe that God meets us at the level of our expectation, so at The Life Center we do all we can to believe God for more… spiritually, financially, and in our health.

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6. We Build Leaders… There Are Already Enough Followers

Each of us were created on purpose and for a purpose. We believe that we are here to equip and empower people to change their world by helping them discover their God-given gifts, abilities, and talents.

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7. We’re Not Afraid To Get Our Hands Dirty

We pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on us. We believe in serving our community through prayer, community service, sponsorship and civic engagement.

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8. We Live To Please God… And That’s It.

Our desire is to live a life that pleases God and leaves a legacy that inspires others. We live to hear Him say, “Well Done.”